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Throwback: How AV Media Students Began Their School Year


Vivian Melder writes about the first group trip that the AV Media people had in the beginning of the academic year. On Sunday the 3rd of September, first year BFM audiovisual media students, along with their instructors Riho Västrik, Miguel Llansó, and Astrida Konstante, embarked on a day retreat to the mysterious Astangu forest, complete with tunnels from the Soviet era, huge limestone rocks (that were climbed on with ropes) and, to the surprise of the foreign students, a lot of mosquitoes! However, these creepy crawlies didn't crush anyone's spirits – the students learnt about mountaineering, played team-building games in the pitch black tunnels, and drank tea at the end of the day, seeming very happy that this kind of event had been organized so early on in the year. As the curator of the AV media course Riho Västrik said: ’Sometimes you can learn about a person more within a day if you spend it with them in a forest, than with a month just going to school with them. [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="41828,41830,41831,41832,41833,41829"]