TU Student Rosa Sillanpää - Why Choosing Tallinn University Was Her Plan A?

Astra building entrance

A year ago, I was applying for universities and had a few options from where  to choose and after some careful thinking I decided that Tallinn University is the best option for me.  Since  now  there is still some time left to submit the applications, I thought it would be a good idea to tell about the reasons why I picked Tallinn University.

First of all, the international environment really spoke to me.  As I’m interested of completing my master’s degree overseas, having the lectures in english and learning the juridical terms are really good advantages. Also having the professors and lecturers coming from all over the world was intriguing to me. However, when I was applying I wasn’t quite sure if after all I’d rather stay in Finland after completing my bachelor’s degree, so the possibility to study Finnish law was reassuring and guaranteed that all the doors remain open after studying in Tallinn University. However, as I find great interest in international law, having good Erasmus exchange opportunities and the possibility to study in Estonia if wanted made a big impact in the decision.

Small class sizes and lecture days affected the decision as well. As there are no mass lectures, I personally find it easier to engage to a conversation with a professor, make questions  and understand better. And because the lecture days are only from Thursdays to Saturdays, it’s easy to work alongside of school and plan your work schedule if wanted. Working isn’t necessary, however, since Tallinn University is a foreign institution and therefore Finns get higher KELA student loans even when studying in the Helsinki campus.

If you’re still wondering whether to apply or not, I strongly encourage to at least fill up the application and give it a try. The application process is relatively quick and painless and doesn’t take the same effort than studying for 2 months without a break. Personally I haven’t regretted my decision and if anything I’ve been positively surprised. In Tallinn University you will find a good balance between lectures and social events, such as excursions, sits-parties, get togethers and annual balls.

Rosa Sillanpää

Tallinn University's Student Ambassador and a student of the Law  programme

School of Governance, Law and Society