Contact free book borrowing

As a coronavirus containment measure, all Tallinn University libraries, including Study Centre and Film and Media Library, are closed for readers. Yet, it is possible to borrow books from the Research Library located on Rävala avenue.

Academic Library

Contact free book borrowing

All Tallinn University students and employees can borrow books contact free from the Research Library located on Rävala avenue,  in the following e-catalogue ESTER locations: AL TLU stacks, serials, philosophy, humanities, educational sciences, science, medical and sports science, applied science and social science. To borrow a book, it must have a status “available” in the e-catalog ESTER.

Books can be ordered through the email address and can be obtained from the lobby of the Research Library, entering with an ID-card. Ordered books can be picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 3 pm.
When ordering, you must indicate when the books will be picked up. Library will contact readers individually in case of need.
Readers, whose books’ due dates are getting close, do not have to worry about that - all due dates are renewed until 5th May 2020. The library won't take overdue fines for the period when the library is closed. For those who still want to return their books, then it is o n l y  possible to do it via 24/7 self check-ins.

Let us also remind you that registering as a reader of the Academic Library is easy and you can do it independently through a web form.

Register yourself as a reader 


Readers can use our e-library ETERA  and the Estonian E-varamu portal. Our library’s digitizing centre does not scan new materials, so only currently uploaded materials are available in ETERA.

Regardless of emergency situation, the databases of e-journals and e-books are still available to TLU members. To use the databases, You have to log in with your TLU username on the library's information resources page.

Our subject librarians are available through e-mail every day to answer your questions. In case of any specific need, contact directly the subject librarian of your fieldSubject librarians still receive book orders from faculty members. Due to the emergency situation we recommend ordering e-books.

We have to be more careful

As a coronavirus containment measure, books can be returned only via 24h self check-in. All books will be disinfected after return and before placing them to stacks. All due dates are renewed until 5th May, so there is no need to rush with returning books.

While picking up the ordered books, please follow the main instructions from Estonian Health Board: only one person at the time can enter the door with an ID-card reader, keep at least 2 meter distance with other people.

Notice that there is no disinfectant near the door with an ID-card reader. Although we constantly clean the surfaces, the library cannot guarantee total safety.