Highlighting exciting Horizon Europe project proposals submitted in March and April 2022

On April 20, the recurring round of calls closed for Horizon Europe Cluster 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society. TLU participated in 25 proposals (in 4 proposals as the primary coordinator and in 21 as a consortium partner).

Tallinna Ülikool

Two large proposals were submitted where Tallinn University researchers aim to contribute in shaping European culture, society and politics.

CresCine -  proposes to increase the competitiveness of the film industry in small European states and improve the circulation of their films, as well as other audio and visual content. It aims to do this by planning and piloting innovative solutions in policy development, data management techniques, analytics, production and new distribution business models. CresCine’s almost €4 million project proposal is led by the Portuguese Lusofona University with Tallinn University as a core partner, headed by Professor Ulrike Rohn from the BFM. The consortium consists of 28 partner organisations, the key players of the European film industry. The proposal was submitted in response to the call "Increase the potential of the international competitiveness of the European filmmaking industry” (HERITAGE-01-06).

The other of the submitted proposals - THE - Towards Healing Europe through the cultural perception of shared vulnerability in the context of ongoing crises - was submitted in response to the Horizon Europe call "Perceptions, traditions, values and beliefs in shaping European societies and politics" (HERITAGE-01-03). THE is a €3 million interdisciplinary proposal, led and coordinated by Tallinn University through Professor Julia Kuznetski (TÜHI) and six other partner universities in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. THE aims at providing new insights and analysis in the role that literature and audio visual narratives, as well as social media for example have in shaping young people's perceptions of being European, especially in the context of coping with multiple crises such as COVID 19, climate change, war and migration. 

The above two proposals were supported within Tallinn University through the project writing support service (Website in Estonian) by Julii Selianko, Mahendra Mahey and Kairi Märk.

Research teams have also submitted three proposals where TLU is the main coordinating organisation:

Earlier, the project writing support service assisted two other projects:

  • ERASMUS - The integrated teaching of creative subjects (music, art, dance and film) - was submitted on 23 Mar 2022. TLU played the key coordinator role of the consortium led by Marit Moistlik-Tamm (BFM).     
  • MetaMed - Extended Reality (XR) technology for training in virtual surgery procedures. The proposed project combines XR technologies, physiology, psychology, education and healthcare expertise to demonstrate solutions to teach medical staff. The project was submitted on 5 Apr 2022. Professor Pia Tikka (BFM) led the TLU team that took part in the consortium as the core partner. The consortium coordinating institution was Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.