Julia Kuznetski (Tofantšuk) is Professor of English at the School of Humanities at TLU. Her research and teaching interests include literary theory, film studies, literature by women, gender, identity and crisis studies, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, postcolonial theory, body, transcorporeality, diasporic and migrant literature, dystopia. She has published in Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan, Peter Lang WV, VW Trier, Taylor and Francis journals on these issues. She has taught both practical English (up to C2+ level) and literature as well as literary theory (history of English literature, World literature, introduction to literary theory, key concepts in cultural analysis, methods in humanities, special courses on women writers and ecocriticism) on BA, MA and PhD level, supervised BA, MA and PhD theses and contributed to the development of BA, MA and PhD curricula. 
She is a member of ESSE, FINSSE, ASLE, ICFA, Lexington Books ‘Ecocritical Theory and Practice’ series advisory board.

Main tasks

Teching (lectures, seminars) of subjects related to English language and culture; Anglophone literature; World literature; literary theory; bachelor seminar; research project

supervision and reviewing of BA, MA and PhD theses

Academic research (articles, book chapters), peer-reviews

Administrative work: Head of English studies; Liberal in humanities curriculum curator; Head of Study Council of the School of Humanities; member of several strategic work groups;

Areas of research

Anglophone literature, contemporary literature, women writers

ecocriticism, ecofeminism, gender studies, identity studies, crisis studies, postcolonial and diaspora literature

new materialism, posthumanism, dystopia