Professor Priit Reiska Will Take the Office as the Acting Rector

As Tallinn University's current Rector Tiit Land was elected as the next rector of Tallinn University of Technology, Rector Land will end his term at TLU on 31 August 2020. Tallinn University's Council decided on 18 June that from 1 September 2020, the Acting Rector of the university will be TLU's Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Priit Reiska. The proposal to appoint Priit Reiska came from Rector Land.

Priit Reiska

"The decision of the Council was based on the fact that the acting rector should be well acquainted with the management of the university and would direct its activities professionally, including following the current practices," said the Chairman of the Council, Taavi Laur.

Priit Reiska, thanked the Council for its trust and confirmed that he will follow the current course of the Rectorate in its work. "The term of the office is short, only eight and a half months, but many important events fall within this period. The most important of these are institutional accreditation, supporting the transition to a new career model and preparing for the election of a new rector, where I wont run,” said Reiska. "In addition, drawing up the 2021 budget is one of the most important, yet difficul tasks."

A new Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs will not be appointed for such a short period of time. "We will increase the workload of part-time vice-rectors and partially redistribute responsibilities and tasks," explained Priit Reiska. "We will present a more detailed division of tasks and responsibilities at the meetings of the institutes and the Rectorate in September."

The elections for the next Rector of Tallinn University will begin in the autumn. The elected rector will take office on 15 May, 2021.