Partnership and cooperation

Tallinn University joins YERUN

Tallinn University joined the European Young Research Universities Network (YERUN) and is taking a step towards wider cooperation in Europe.

Mare building

Tallinn University's mission fits with YERUN’s core mission and strategic priorities, in line with the institution's commitment to research, innovation, and education. Tallinn University's interdisciplinary strength and active involvement in EU collaborations make it a valuable partner, promising to enrich the collaborative spirit within our network. This partnership marks an exciting chapter, enlarging the members of YERUN and further strengthening the voice of young research universities in Europe.

"YERUN brings together young European universities focused on rapidly increasing their research capacity and developing research cooperation. Membership in the network expands opportunities for collaboration among our academic staff and allows us to learn from the best practices of universities facing similar administrative challenges. Until now, we have been part of large European university networks, whose membership is also important to us, but in the case of YERUN, we are engaging with universities in a similar situation to ours and dealing with similar challenges," says Tallinn Universities Rector Professor Tõnu Viik. 

The Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN), founded in 2015, brings together like-minded young research universities in Europe, with the primary objective of raising the voice of young universities in Europe via a dedicated strategic representation and lobbying action and strengthening their cooperation, maximising opportunities to collaborate in areas of mutual interest and benefit.

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