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Tallinn University Rector's Election

The election for Tallinn University's rector for the period of 15 May, 2021– 14 May, 2026 has began.

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Candidates can be nominated until 2 November 2020, Electoral Board will elect the new rector on 1 February 2021. Until then, the university is led by the Acting Rector Priit Reiska.

In order to submit candidacy for the election of Tallinn University's rector, a person must be named or must have been named as professor. According to the statutes of Tallinn University, the rector's candidates can be nominated by the councils of institutes; colleges and units of Tallinn University;
at least three members of the university council jointly;
at least nine members of the university senate jointly or
the current rector.

The election is organised by the Election Committee, headed by Professor Mati Heidmets.

The digitally signed proposal for the nomination of the candidate must be sent to For additional information, contact the academic secretary by phone 5345 2111 or

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