Kristiina Tedremaa-Levorato has BA-degree from Tallinn Pedagogical University (Library studies 1988 – 1993) and from Uppsala University (Swedish 1994 – 1996). After her studies in Sweden, she studied International Relations and European Integration at the Estonian School of Diplomacy with a plan to commence work at the diplomatic service of the newly independent Estonia but after having worked for a year at Tallinn University as a teacher of Swedish (1996-1997) she became aware that instead of papers she would prefer to work with people in the future. Being certain of her future profession, she entered a MA study programme at Uppsala University and took her MA degree in Contemporary Swedish in 1998. She also studied Interpreting at Tallinn University and took her second MA degree in 2007.
Kristiina has worked at Tallinn University since 1996, compiled study materials for different language levels ( online study materials) and participated in many international projects.

Main tasks

Teaching: Swedish (A1-B2.2)

Areas of research

Professional Swedish


Swedish as a second language