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Attention TLU students who want to become student buddies - the training will take place on 16-18 Januaey 2023!

Student buddies also need to register on the BuddySystem platform as local students.

All international students have the possibility to apply for a peer supporter - a student buddy - before arriving. They are students of Tallinn University who help international students settle in to the academic environment at the university and Tallinn in general. Student buddies can help you during your first weeks of stay to adjust to your new life In Tallinn and at the university. And maybe you will find a friend for a lifetime!

Student buddies can also welcome you upon arrival at the airport/central bus station/harbour. This can most easily be done if you arrive between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Please note that you have to pay yourself for the transportation to the place of your accommodation.

If you would like to have a student buddy who is helping you at the beginning of your studies in Tallinn University then you have to apply for one (latest by August 5 for the Autumn Semester and January 5 for the Spring Semester). Your buddy will contact you by e-mail in mid-August if you are coming for the Autumn Semester and mid-January if you are coming for the Spring Semester.

Please consider that all student buddies work with a group of international students. Being students themselves, they can be there to support you and help you find the right people and information but you are still responsible yourself for your studies, finding accommodation and doing all the necessary paperwork.

More information: exchange@tlu.ee

Apply for a Student Buddy here!