Even though the main religion in Estonia is Christianity, the majority of the people identify as non-religious with only 14% of the population being religious. There is Freedom of religion and according to a survey done in 2007 there are over 90 different religions represented in Estonia.


Although Estonia used to be a Lutheran nation, nowadays the most popular religion is the Orthodox church followed by Lutheran. 

In accordance with Freedom of Religion, places of worship of other religions can also be found. 

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Orthodox Churches in Estonia


Information on Orthodox Churches in Estonia can be found here.

Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church


Information about the Evangelical Lutheran Church can be found here

Roman Catholic


Information about the Roman Catholic Church can be found here.



Information on Judaism in Estonia can be found here.



The Islamic centre in Tallinn is located in Ülemiste City, near the airport. Please see here



The Buddhist community can be contacted through this site here.

International Society for Krishna


Information on Krishna society in Estonia can be found here

In case your religion was not on this list, you can check out the Visit Tallinn page to find more places of worship here!