Tallinn University provides free use of the statistics software SPSS to staff and students.

Based on the test period the acquisition of the licence was renewed for another year. It is possible to use SPSS version 29 modules Base, Adv, Reg, Tab, Categ and Amos.

Since the software version is newer, it needs to be reinstalled to all the computers. The old version will not work after the licence expires. Users who wish to install a licence or renew an existing one in their workstation (computers connected to the cable network on the campus) should contact their IT-specialist.

The new version of the software will be installed to the computer classes, the reading room and the individual working stations of the Study Center of Academic Library.

If the software is needed in a computer that is not connected to the cable network at the University, academic units can purchase the licence for their employees/students personal computers (the price is 60€, licence valid until 30.06.2024). TLU doctoral students, who need the software for research can get the licence for free based on an application from their school.

For purchasing the license and installing the software, please contact the user account administrator of the IT department Henni-Maria Johanson, henni-maria.johanson@tlu.ee.