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Tallinn University invites all students interested in photography to participate in the photo competition " Face of the University."

To participate, you must submit a minimum of four photos that encapsulate your vision of Tallinn University to the email address The deadline for submissions is 8 March 2024. We recommend sending photos via a link to a Google Drive folder or through the platform to maintain image quality during transmission.

There are no artistic conditions or specific requirements for the photos. Feel free to edit the photos as you see fit, and you can use digital, SLR, analog cameras, or even smartphones to capture your images. Photo series are highly encouraged!

All submissions will be evaluated by the photo contest jury, which will also recognise the best entries. Additionally, the jury will select outstanding works for a photo exhibition to be held on the university campus in celebration of the university's birthday on 18 March 2024.

For any questions, please contact:

Kati Kadarpik
TLÜ Student Union