Here you can find some information about students' experiences abroad.


"This Erasmus experience has been a truly vital extension to my educational exploration and for the evolution of my life path. /.../ I can now truly connect the dots and say that the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies period was a natural step in my education for sure. I am honoured to prove the statement - life after Erasmus won't be the same - to be real with my experience as well."


Well-known Estonians and Erasmus programme

Estonian Archimedes Foundation filmed short videos with well-known Estonians who have participated in Erasmus programme during their university studies. They all have one thing in common - Erasmus programme and exchange studies abroad changed their lives. 

Experiences are shared by Human Resources Specialist of a sales pipeline management company Pipedrive, by Head of Career Centre of Swedbank Estonia, by reporter and news presenter in channel TV3, and by wooden glasses designer and founder of the company "Framed by Karl".

NB! Videos are only in Estonian.