Tallinn University will open its doors on July 18  (starting from 2 PM EEST (UTC +3) for all international applicants, Summer School participants and newly admitted students to join us for an afternoon of tailor-made campus tours and info sessions.

If you’ve always wanted to see what the campus is alike, what are the best places to chill out, what are the student experiences like, where’s the game-lab or what happens at the TV studio - you can now join us for the Summer Launchpad to dig out all the details. Just let us know at the registration form below, what are you most interested in, leave it to us to organise the best tour and meet us at the university campus.

The topics covered during the Summer Launchpad:

  • More about Tallinn University
  • Admissions and/or Practical Information
  • Student Experience
  • Campus tours

So whichever applies to you: 

  • You've just been accepted as a new student and have arrived early to get your affairs in order
  • You're vacationing in Estonia and want to know more about your future possibilities
  • You're considering applying, but are not sure if this is the place for you
  • You've just joined the Tallinn Summer School for a fortnight of courses and interested in what the campus has to offer
  • Never heard of the university, but want to see what we're all about

we welcome you to join us for the afternoon of July 18!

Any questions about the Summer Launchpad can be emailed to


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