Courses meant for international exchange students are listed by academic units. Exchange students can choose courses from different academic units - please choose the School to see the course offers. However, some academic units have set limitations to attending the courses - please read the information provided in the section for comments. By clicking on the title of the course you will be taken to the course outline, which provides basic information about the course. As an exchange student, you can only choose from among the courses that are offered in these lists.

The information about the course also includes the assessment form. Some courses end with an examination where the student will get a grade, some courses end with an assessment where the student will get a P (pass) or MA (fail). It is not possible to get a grade for a result marked as P on the transcript of records!

Please note that there can be changes in the course offers before the beginning of the semester. Registration to the courses can be done after you have arrived at Tallinn University.

The academic units of Tallinn University offer the following courses for exchange students:

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

School of Digital Technologies 

School of Educational Sciences

School of Governance, Law and Society

School of Humanities

School of Natural Sciences and Health

Courses are free of charge for international exchange students studying at Tallinn University.

Exchange students can also join LIFE (ELU) - a new type of subject at Tallinn University where students from different study fields carry out a collaborative project on a topic of their interest. The team consists of 6-8 students from at least three different study fields. It is a subject which is not organised in the form of a lecture and where the teacher does not dictate the students what to do and how to do it. The initiative and management of the activities lies with the students. Read more