Before you leave Tallinn, make sure you take care of the following:


Feedback about your stay in Tallinn
Please give feedback about your study period at Tallinn University and stay in Tallinn. The link to the feedback form will be sent to your e-mail in mid-December (if you stayed for the Autumn Semester) or at the beginning of May (if you stayed for the Spring Semester or Academic Year). Receiving your feedback is very important to us, so we kindly ask you to fill in the feedback form before picking up your Confirmation Letter and Transcript of Credits.

Confirmation Letter
Your home university needs a confirmation letter about your study dates at Tallinn University. The date which can be confirmed as the last day of your studies, is the day when you actually leaveTallinn (but no later than the last day of the semester).  To get the confirmation, please come by room T-215 a couple of days before you leave Tallinn University. Before coming to get the confirmation letter, please ask from your home university if they have their own form that we need to complete - they usually do!

Transcript of Records Once you have received all your grades in ÕIS, we can prepare the Transcript of Records for you which will show all the courses you passed, the credits and grades. - If you are still in Tallinn, then come by room T-215 to pick up your Transcript. - If you have already left Tallinn, then please write an email to and the Transcript will be sent to you. Please note that it is not possible to get a grade for a result marked as P (passed) on the transcript of credits!

Learning Agreement – Section to be completed after the mobility
If your home university requires the last part of the Learning Agreement - "Section to be completed after the mobility" - then please fill it in based on your confirmation letter and transcript, and send it to for signing.

NB! Due to Covid-19 crisis, the documents for Academic year 2019/2020 will only be sent electronically!

Sign out of Tallinn
If you registered yourself as a citizen of Tallinn, then before your departure you have to let them know you are not living here anymore. For that, please go to your City District Government  (Pärnu Road 9, Niine Street 2, Tulika Street 33b, A.H.Tammsaare road 135) with your passport or ID card.

Make sure you return all the books that you have borrowed from the library, so that exchange students who will arrive next semester also have a possibility of using them.

Bank account
If you opened a bank account in Estonia, you might want to consider whether you want to close it or not.

End your rental agreement
Make sure you will not be charged for living at your apartment or dormitory room after you leave Estonia.

Tallinn University souvenirs
Tallinn University souvenirs can be bought from the souvenir shop on the first floor of the Astra building.