Tallinn University Holiday Concert banner

One of the most beautiful times of the year has arrived again. With its anticipation, excitement and holiday decorations, it is the time we all have been waiting for. As an introduction to the holiday season, our collectives bring you gifts through music.

The concert takes place at the 12th of December at 18:00 in the Ceremony Hall of Tallinn University, where Johanna Randmann, a student of IKUMUMU, peeks into the gift bag. In the Ceremony Hall Holiday feelings will be created by the female choir, male choir, mixed choir of BFM and vocal group Vox Nova.

After a short break, we move to the Mare atrium, where the symphony orchestra and the folk dance ensemble Soveldaja create the mood and distribute gifts.

If the Holiday feeling has already crept into your heart, then it is the right time to share good holiday wishes with each other and clink glasses.

Take family members and friends with you, because it's always nicer and warmer together!

See you at the concert!