A Book on Learning and Teaching Practices and Changes at the University

A book titled "Teaching and Learning at the University. Practices and Transformations" was published, conducted by researchers from Tallinn University, University of Tartu, Stockholm Univeristy and Aalto University.


The book is based on a survey about teaching and studying at the university, that took place from 2016 to 2019. The survey's sample was the academic staff of Tallinn University and the main aim was to analyse the impact that the changes at the university brought. The book gives an insight of the results of this survey and analyses how the culture of studying and teaching has changed at the university according to a theoretrical framework. More specifically, the book analyses how has changed the professional identity of the academic staff, teaching practices and academic career in general. The book looks at these changes at universities in Estonia, Sweden and Finland.

Anne Nevgi from the University of Helsinki told that the authors of the book present interesting surevey results, new perspectives and thought-provoking ideas for developing teaching and learning opportunities at the university. "The book focuses on changes that has occured during last years and how these changes have had an impact on students studying, a professional identity among academic staff and teaching pracitces in Estonia, Sweden and Finland," wrote professor Nevgi.

The book consists of five parts and ten chapters and it is written by 15 different authors, who belong to interdisciplinary and international researcher's groups. Nine of them are researchers from Tallinn University: Larissa Jõgi, Meril Ümarik, Koidu Saia, Karem Toros, Tuuli Oder, Liisa Puusepp, Priit Reiska and Aet Möllits.

The book is pre-reviewed and it's editors are Larissa Jõgi, Meril Ümarik and Kai Pata.

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