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Meet Our Student - Williams

According to the most recent results of the European survey International Student Barometer, 88% of foreign students studying in Tallinn University are happy with the higher education provided here. One of them is Williams, a proud BA student from Nigeria and today he explains why. Take a closer look!

meet Williams


1. What do you study and where are you from?

My name is Williams and I am studying Liberal Art in Social Sciences here in Tallinn University. I am from Nigeria and I was born in the beautiful and popular city called Lagos.

2. Why did you choose Tallinn University and your programme?

I chose TLU because in my opinion it is the best place to study social sciences in Estonia and one of the best universities in Europe and in the world. I have chosen this study programme because of my interest and passion for communication and psychology.

3. Would you recommend your study programme and why?

I definitely would recommend my study programme and institution to anyone who is interested in social sciences. This study programme is vast and covers major aspects of modern day curriculum in the social science field. You are guaranteed a lifetime of knowledge and direction in your next career path.

4. What is the coolest thing that has happened during your studies?

The coolest thing for me is the fact that every day I get to meet amazing people in and outside the university who are helping me grow and teaching me new things. I am not limited to my environment in any way.

5. What are your suggestions for students around the world to cope with the current situation?

We are currently going through difficult times. We didn't expect this and we were not prepared for it. But life has always taught how to adapt to situations and that is what we need at this time. So my suggestion to students all over the world would be - staying home will make this situation over sooner than we expect but find ways to make most of the situation. The Holy book says that there is no situation presented before us that we cannot handle. So please keep learning and keep developing yourself either with the online classes or through personal study and research. Pay attention to hygiene, keep hope alive and never stop believing for a better tomorrow.


Do you want to know more about Williams experience at TLU? Find her contact on our Student Ambassadors' webpage!