“Expert on Air” January 13: rector's candidate Katrin Niglas

Candidate Katrin Niglas will visit Tallinn University's live show "Expert on Air”. We will talk about her previous work, views on university's future and leading and on higher education in general. And maybe, just maybe we also hear what else is there in Katrin's life next to academia that brings colour to her everyday life.

Expert on Air: Katrin Niglas

The show will have simultaneous interpretation into English.
More information:

 The host of the show is Mart Soonik.

Join in Zoom

The show can be watched via Zoom, Tallinn University Facebook and YouTube. Later on, the recording of the show will be available here, on the rector's election homepage and on our YouTube channel. The audio of the recording can be listened as a podcast from our SoundCloud channel.
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