Tallinn University students shine at national contest for university students

The research papers of eight students from Tallinn University were ranked among the best in this year's national contest for university students. National awards were handed out at three university levels and in six fields of research. In addition to field-specific awards, two cross-level and cross-disciplinary main prizes and several special prizes were handed out as well.

The research papers of eight students from Tallinn University were ranked among the best in this year's national contest

Minister of Education and Research Jaak Aab thanked participating authors and supervisors and acknowledged their dedication to the research of important and exciting subjects. "The papers show clearly how research helps us understand the nature of our everyday surroundings and offers modern solutions," Aab said. "I hope that the prize winners will grow to become scientists, the fruits of whose labour will show society the value of science and innovation in the lives of everybody."

The following students of Tallinn University were rewarded and acknowledged:

  • PhD student Mihkel Saluri in the field of natural sciences for his contest submission "Beneficial macromolecules from red algae of the Baltic Sea: characterisation, spatio-temporal variations and potential applications"
  • Master's student Alland Parman in the field of technology and engineering for his contest submission "Insourcing and Outsourcing of Information and Communication Technology Services to Ensure Vital Services. The Case of Elering AS"
  • Bachelor's student Kelly Altoja in the field of medical sciences for her contest submission "The sense of parental competence felt by mothers of young children and its connection to perceived social support and depression"
  • Master's student Dana Karjatse-Davidjants in the field of social sciences for her contest submission "Identity Construction of the Terrorist Organisation Dā ͑ iš [IS, ISIS, ISIL] on the Example of Speeches by the Caliph ʾAbū Bakral-Baġdādī"
  • PhD student Mark Gortfelder in the field of social sciences for his contest submission "Fertility modernisation in Estonia: an analysis of individual-level data for women born 1850–1899"
  • Bachelor's student Krister Kruusmaa in the field of humanities and arts for her contest submission "Moritz von Engelhardt’s and Friedrich Parrot’s Voyage to Crimea and the Caucasus in 1811 – a Precursor of the Scientific Voyages of the University of Tartu"  
  • Master's student Marina Vahter: Ministry of Foreign Affairs special prize for her contest submission "The Use of Moral Foundations and Moral Emotions in the Discourse of Political Parties – the Case of Sweden"
  • PhD student Villu Kadakas: National Heritage Board special prize in the field of cultural heritage for his contest submission "Archaeological study of the rural churches of Harju and Viru provinces in Northern Estonia. Development of the building and the use of space in the lower zone"

The certificate of appreciation for the supervisors of winners of the first prize of the 2020 National Contest for University Students in higher VET and Bachelor's studies was awarded to lecturer of the School of Natural and Health Sciences Kristiina Uriko, who was the supervisor of Kelly Altoja's research paper. 
This year saw a record number of submissions with 584 entries from 31 universities, including 16 foreign universities with Estonian students. A total of 105 submissions were acknowledged this year with 77 receiving monetary prizes. This constitutes 13% of all submissions. The award fund was 79,877.79 euros, making it 2200 euros larger than last year. This is due to the high quality of the submissions, resulting in more special prizes being awarded. Both 3600 euro main prizes went to PhD theses by Peep Pihelo and Tarvo Vaarmets from the Tallinn University of Technology.

The contest is held by the Estonian Research Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.

List of all winners is here