5 Tallinn University projects to begin dissecting research topics with support of Estonian Research Council

This year, researchers from 92 different projects funded by the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) will once again start looking for answers to questions on topics ranging from galaxies to genes.

5 Tallinn University projects to begin dissecting research topics

“The important thing is that the new projects all represent different fields of research,” explains Siret Rutiku, the head of department for research funding. “This ensures the diverse and balanced development of science. I’m glad to say that while our talented scientists set out to solve global and even cosmic problems, they have still found ways to tie their research to Estonia.”
Tallinn University projects that received funding:

  • Daniele Monticelli ‘Translation in History, Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices’
  • Indrek Ibrus ‘The Public Value Chains of Cultural Open Data Solutions’
  • Marek Tamm ‘Digital Livonia: For a Digitally Enhanced Study of Medieval Livonia (ca  1200-1550)’
  • Hannaliis Jaadla ‘New perspectives on long-run changes in demographic modernisation in Estonia’
  • Maria Erss ‘Understanding the concept of student agency among Estonian and Russian speaking students: What is the experience and attitude of students towards agency in upper secondary schools in Estonia?’

ETAg says that the competition for research grants is tough, adding in their press release: “Every year, only the best of the best receive funding – this time, from the 413 applications that were sent in for evaluation, 92 were approved. Applications by Estonian researchers are mostly reviewed by external reviewers, which means that the funded researchers, teams and projects are of a very high quality by international standards. However, it is impossible to approve all applications, so many strong research topics were still left unfunded. Hopefully, they will still find ways to carry out these projects, given the higher percentage of funding for research in the state budget last year.” The Research Council will definitely be reporting on the progress and results of this year’s projects. The final results, however, won’t be published for another four or five years.
A list of all the funded projects and a summary of the results of the application process for research grants can be found on the ETAg website.