At the beginning of each semester students must register for the courses that they intend to take. Once registered, the student must take an exam or pass/fail assessment in the subject.

  • Students may register for courses online through Studies Information System (ÕIS) by choosing My study informaation  > My study plan.
  • Be aware that registration for courses can be done only through ÕIS till the deadline that has been set in the academic calendar.
  • For electronic registration a student needs to have a Tallinn University user account. Not all subjects are available for online registration – in this case registration must be done at the department or at the lecture. 
  • Pre-registration for courses in the next semester takes place at the academic unit responsible for the subject at the time established in the academic calendar. NB! Students who have pre-registered for a course must confirm their registration by re-registering within two weeks of the course commencement.

If you have registered for the course, but decide to drop it, then you must remove your name from the list. You can do that through ÕIS till the time that the registration is opened. After this date it is possible to remove your name from the list exceptionally based on the written application that you must hand in to your own academic department.

NB! A student’s name cannot be deleted from the course registration list where the period of contact studies and/or completion of the subject has ended or will end during the week in which the application for academic leave is submitted (students taking academic leave for pregnancy or childcare are an exceptional case).