Professor of International Law and Security Studies

Country: Estonia

Academic degrees: LLM University of Helsinki, PhD University of Cambridge

Previous positions: University of Cambridge, research associate, Associated lecturer; University of Helsinki, research fellow

Research areas: activity of international organisations, peace processes, inclusion, digital human rights 

Courses: Formation of Global Norms and Regimes, International and EU Environmental Law, Moot Court

Notable publications:

Tiina Pajuste, “Inclusion and Women in Peace Processes”, in Marc Weller et al (Eds), International Law and Peace Settlements (CUP, 2021),

Tiina Pajuste, “The Status of the Human Rights of Older Persons”, in Andreas von Arnauld, Kerstin von der Decken, Mart Susi (Eds), The Cambridge Handbook on New Human Rights. Recognition, Novelty, Rhetoric (CUP, 2020),

Tiina Pajuste, “The Protection of Personal Data in a Digital Society: The Role of the GDPR”, in Mart Susi, Routledge Handbook on Digital Society and Human Rights (Routledge, 2019), 

Tiina Pajuste, “The Evolution of the Concept of Immunity of International Organizations”, 8 East-West Studies (2017) 6-20, 

Tiina Pajuste, “Laste õiguste ja vajaduste käsitlemine rahulepingutes”, Juridica 2017/VII (Addressing Children’s Rights and Needs in Peace Agreements), 

Notable projects:

2020-… COST CA19143 Global Digital Human Rights Network project – leader of the research focused Working Group 1 

2021-2022 Study “Digital Opportunities for the Protection of Human Rights” commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the implementation of the Estonian human rights diplomacy action plan – project leader

2016-2018 European Commission Horizon 2020 project HURMUR – Human Rights, Mutually Raising Excellence – one of six participating researchers 

2014-2017 Legal Tools for Peace-making project at the University of Cambridge (together with the United Nations Mediation Support Unit) – participating researcher and leader of day-to-day project activities 

2015-2016, 2016-2017 Nordic Council of Ministers project LawMedia Network – participating researcher 


07.10.2022 – presentation „Human rights in the time of crisis from the perspective of private companies“ at  37. Estonian Legal Scholars’ biannual conference

07.11.2022 – discussion at the Estonian Academy of Sciences with Rain Liivoja and Kristi Landiga over the new commentaries to Chapter 9 of the Estonian Constitution („foreign affairs and international agreements“) 

12.04.2021 – webinar introducing the study on „The Impact of Vaccine Passports on Human Rights“ 

08.10.2020 – presentation on “ The relationship between the Constitution and international agreements and other sources of international law (§ 123 of the Constitution)” 36. Estonian Legal Scholars’ biannual conference

13.04.2018 – presentation on “Inclusion and Peace Processes” at the conference on “International Law and Peace Settlements” organised by the University of Cambridge