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The 7th Tallinn University SOGOLAS Winter School of International Relations

IR scholars must face the ongoing changes in the regional, intra-regional, and global dynamics of cooperation from a multi-disciplinary and pluralist perspective. In a post-hegemonic world, the formation of regions and the process of globalization can be largely disconnected from the orbit of the US, and a plurality of power and worldviews has replaced US hegemony. In spite of these changes, most existing analyses of current changes in the world order still rely upon Western-centered approaches, and Westphalian thinking. In such, our Winter School seeks to analyze the changes that will be required both of world governance and power structures, and of our approaches to understanding them as scholars.


Registration to IR Winter School, 12-13.12.2019 at Tallinn University

Registration 12-13.12.2019 IR WinterSchool

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12th December 2019

5pm to 7pm Winter School opening and introductory seminar (Room: M-648)

7pm to 9pm Social event 

13th December 2019

9pm to 5pm Winter School seminar: presentations and discussions (Room: M-648)

5pm to 7pm Social event (Room: TLU Teadlaste Foorum, Astra building 1st floor)

7pm Networking R&D dinner for international guest experts


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The event has been funded by Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society, through SOGOLAS Development Fund.