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Workshops will be held on 25.04 for students and 26.04 for lecturers, researchers. One of the goals is to introduce students to the opportunities offered by Erasmus + exchange studies in these countries and universities. In addition, a Norwegian colleague discusses child protection system in Norway, a Latvian colleague social services in Latvia, and a colleague from England community work with young people.

In addition, the opportunities for cooperation in teaching, research and development are discussed.
Networking Lab is funded by the TU Development and Cooperation Fund project “Social Protection Direction Networking Lab for Enhancing the Mobility Motivation of Students and Teachers”.

Professor Karmen Toros, (sisuküsimused)
TLU ÜTI teaduskoordinaator Koidu Saia,, tel 6199 944 (korralduslikud küsimused)