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Meet Our Students - Dorcas from Politics & Governance BA

To help inspire future students and graduates of Tallinn University, we are proud to introduce our truly amazing students. Dorcas Adedamola Bejide is a II year student of Politics & Governance from Nigeria. Read her thoughts about studying in Tallinn University and of the programme Politics and Governance.


What is your field of study and why did you choose it?

I’m studying Politics and Governance in Tallinn University. The field of study and professional career, which we choose in life, are as a result of our psychological profile. One of the features that defines me is the need for harmony, which I consider essential in our existence from the family climate to the social one. The desire to study Politics and Governance, specifically International Relations and Economics and Management, arose from the consideration of this discipline to be an expression of the search for balance and harmony in a world subjected to contradictory trends, in which culturally different states try to coexist and promote their interests. Economics and Politics also provides explanations and predictions, which underlie human behavior as well as offering insight into the validity of the various political choices competing for our favor.

In the future, I plan to build a professional career in Diplomacy, which I see as a field in constant change, characterized by mobility, unpredictability and challenges. This responds to my desire of self-improvement and involvement, to try new experiences and meet them successfully. Until now I materialized these aspirations by collaborating with NGOs and being involved in extracurricular activities and Community Development services.

Why did you choose Estonia and why Tallinn University?

Wow! I chose Estonia, because of my passion for innovation and Estonia is a great country that takes innovation as a priority. I call Tallinn the city of Startups and Innovation and that is what it really is and it has been a great experience studying and living here.

Also, I chose Tallinn University because of its high quality of education with the best lecturers and it has conducive environment for studying. It has definitely been exciting time studying in Tallinn University and meeting new people from different parts of the world. The most exciting thing I’ve learned in Tallinn University is taking a course that teaches me, how to speak Estonian language. It felt so good to learn the basic communication words and that has strengthened my communication skill in Estonian.

As a foreign student, how do you cope living and studying here in Estonia?

I feel great! Estonia's culture is a whole lot different from that of my home country, so it’s been fun adapting to a new way of living.

Did you experience culture shock?

Well, I would not say completely, because I was ready and willing to adapt to a new way of life regardless of how different it is from the environment in my home country. Although I have to say - at the beginning of my stay in Estonia, it was somewhat taxing and demanding but as time went by, it became a whole lot of fun.

What has been your best and worst experience studying here in Estonia?

Best – Trying out new cuisines from different continents.

Worst – Emmmm, well I don’t think I have any..

What is your plan after graduation?

After graduation from my BSc Programme, I plan on furthering my education in Masters and increasing my sphere of knowledge.

Any Recommendation/advice to Tallinn University students and prospective students?

Tallinn University is a great institution that helps to merge academics with fun. Tallinn University is highly recommended to those that are trying to make the best out of their studies as it has all the qualities to help students achieve their academic goals from good lecturers, conducive environment and so on. I will also definitely advice you to try to enjoy every moment in your studies and your day to day life. Be open to learn new things that can help speed up your level of creativity and innovation. Also, try new cuisines as there are different tasty cuisines from different continents in the world in Tallinn.