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Networking Lab II: widening horizons for the student mobility

On 21 November 2019, international partners and experts on social work gathered at TLU to introduce their institutions and to discuss the future of collaboration in terms of student exchange, social work education and research regarding child protection.


Are you a Master’s Degree student or maybe a Bachelor’s and your field is connected to social protection/social work/social pedagogy? Have you already decided about the place of an internship?  

Then there is good news for you as Tallinn University now has "insight" people from Oslo Metropolitan University, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, The Skill Mill and University of Gothenburg, that now makes easier for students to go abroad for educational purpose, including studying for exchange or doing the field placement. They will help students from Tallinn University to develop ideas regarding studying abroad and direct to the right place, which will meet the expectations!

So, have you ever heard about the Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway or the University of Gothenburg in Sweden? Or you would like to get an opportunity in the UK for an internship? The Skill Mill is a social enterprise in the UK providing employment for young ex-offenders in watercourse and horticulture services. David Parks can help to find an internship in different areas of the UK in Skill Mill. 

Asgeir Falch-Eriksen believes that to be an exchange student in Norway is the best option to get an experience of another viewpoint on different approaches and topics. Social Protection is a strong topic and well-elaborated in Norway, so it would be a great chance for you to know about the Norwegian best practices in child welfare. Moreover, multiculturalism is on the agenda in Estonia nowadays, let's look at Norway’s experience!

Jing Wu from the University of Gothenburg is a part of the Tallinn University family, as she received her PhD in Tallinn University. If you want to place yourself somewhere close and on the north, then Sweden is the first on the list! You can always find courses for yourself at the University of Gothenburg, moreover, there are opportunities for practice as well! Sweden is a pretty experienced country and opened to share knowledge and approaches, especially in the field of social protection/social work/sociology.

So, do not miss the opportunity to enrich your knowledge by the foreign experience and take a chance to imply your knowledge into practice in the UK, Sweden or Norway! 

The initiatives from Networking Lab will be posted on the Children and Family Research Group website HERE.

To learn more about the exchange possibilities for social work, contact professor Karmen Toros (lai@tlu.ee) and she will put you in the right direction!

Written by Valeriia Stelmakova, November 26, 2019.

The Networking Lab II activity was funded by Tallinn University SOGOLAS Development Fund.