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Nikhil KINESIS internship experience in Estonia

Hello, I am Nikhil Ubhe, a Master's Student from Harz University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Recently I got a KINESIS internship in Estonia.


The first challenge was the accommodation, however the TLU team helped me to solve this. After arriving in Tallinn, on 25th April, I had a meeting with Mrs. Triin Kübar who showed me the university campus and gave a presentation of the projects. Then I met Mr. Luke Li Stange and he gave an introduction about social innovations mission design guides and mission oriented policies. He explained the task which was the MOIP Case Studies in rural areas.

For one week I did my research and wrote 6 case studies and discussed it with Mrs. Audrone Urmanaviciene and got very positive feedback. For the next few days I worked on the documentation and References and on 6th of May I gave a final presentation of my research to Mr. Luke and Mrs. Audrone. On 7th of May Mrs. Triin Kübar organised a field trip to Võru County where I met other KINESIS students. Here we visited 4 different local enterprises and they gave a brief introduction of their businesses. Firstly, we visited Mooska Smoke Sauna Farm and met Mrs. Eda. She gave a farm tour and explained her business. We also tasted the smoked meat and other food items. Then we went for lunch at Suur Muna, a local restaurant and ate delicious food. After lunch we hiked at Härma and then met Mr. Markus. He showed his Black Currant farms, explained the history and business and we tasted the fresh black currant juice. Then we visited MTÜ Uma tettu in Vasla Village and tasted naturally pure juices. At last we visited TSENTER which is a Competence Center for Wood Processing and Furniture Production and got a brief idea about the business and how they help other furniture businesses to innovate new products. The KINESIS internship was a very good experience for me. During the weekends I travelled and explored the culture of Estonia and l learned many new things. Everyone was very helpful. This experience will surely help me in the near future.