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SOGOLAS students experience with KINESIS internship

As I reflect on my KINESIS internship experience in Spain, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to delve into a meaningful research topic and immerse myself in a new culture. From settling into my new surroundings to diving into research tasks, each step of this journey has been both enriching and rewarding.
Upon my arrival in Navarre, I was warmly welcomed by the local community at the university, and I quickly found myself settling into my new home away from home. The people I encountered were incredibly kind and supportive, making the transition smooth and enjoyable. Their hospitality and willingness to help made me feel embraced by the vibrant Spanish culture.

One of the highlights of my internship has been the opportunity to focus on researching women's safety on the Camino de Santiago. This topic resonated with me due to its significance and the apparent research gap it presented. As I delved deeper into the subject, I found myself increasingly intrigued by the complexities surrounding women's experiences along the pilgrimage route.


My research journey has involved conducting interviews with women who have undertaken the Camino de Santiago, exploring their perceptions, challenges, and suggestions regarding safety. Engaging with these narratives has been enlightening, allowing me to gain valuable insights into the lived experiences of women pilgrims. Despite the occasional logistical hurdles, the research process has been progressing well, thanks to the willingness of participants to share their stories.

One aspect of my internship that I particularly appreciate is the uninterrupted time I have had to dedicate to my research. Freed from the distractions of daily life, I have been able to immerse myself fully in the study of women's safety on the Camino. This focused time has allowed me to delve deeper into the literature, analyze interview data, and formulate meaningful conclusions.

Beyond the research itself, I have found immense joy in exploring the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Navarre. From strolling through historic city streets to savoring local cuisine, each day brings new discoveries and experiences. The opportunity to immerse myself in Spanish life has been a cherished aspect of my internship journey.

My KINESIS internship in Navarre has been a transformative experience, both personally and professionally. From settling into my new surroundings to delving into research tasks, each aspect of this journey has contributed to my growth and learning. As I continue my exploration of women's safety on the Camino de Santiago, I am grateful for the support, opportunities, and experiences that have enriched my time in Spain.