The Crisis Research Centre is a training base for the School of Governance, Law, and Society at Tallinn University

Starting in March 2024, students from Tallinn University's School of Governance, Law and Society will be able to intern at the NGO Crisis Research Centre. An internship in the third sector will expose students to the day-to-day operations of civil society organisations and provide a greater knowledge of how the sector works.


Starting in the spring semester of the academic year 2023/2024, the Crisis Research Centre offers students of the School of Governance, Law and Society of Tallinn University, majoring in political science, the opportunity to complete an internship, within the framework of which the students can participate in the organisation and management processes of working meetings, act as observers or assistants in trainings, provide analytical feedback to cooperation partners and gather input for various concept papers and documents.

Particular emphasis will be placed on providing trainees with an understanding of how a typical third-sector organisation operates, as well as the issues encountered in multi-level collaboration with various national and local governments and other groups.

“As Estonia’s centre of excellence for knowledge and experience in the social area, it is critical that students have a wide grasp of society and its different players during their studies. The third sector frequently symbolises the most active elements of society in terms of involvement, thinking, and taking the initiative in processes. In this regard, gaining practical experience at the grassroots level will also assist graduates entering the labour market in better creating the synergies between different actors and sectors that we require to face societal challenges together,” said Indrek Grauberg, Director of Tallinn University’s School of Governance, Law and Society.
“We believe it is critical that Estonian students have experience in third-sector organisations; civil society organisations provide an excellent training ground since they allow you to view and experience our society in its most basic form at the grassroots level. “Estonian society is not only made up of the public and private sectors; it is the third sector, also known as civil society, that plays a significant role and is the driving force behind it,” said Hannes Nagel, CEO of the Crisis Research Centre.
The Crisis Research Centre was established in 2022 with the aim of popularising and developing the field of crisis management. 
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