TLU is hosting a conference "Innovation and Resilience: Preparedness of Social Work Education in Uncertain Times"


The European Association of Schools of Social Work and Tallinn University (Estonia) announce the 2021 European Conference on Social Work Education, which takes place on 15.-18. June 2021 at Tallinn University.

Conference aims to be an international forum for debating innovation, concerns, challenges and practices in social work education. The overarching themes of the conference are innovation, resilience and preparedness of social work education to learn and adapt in times of uncertainty and build on these lessons for the future.

Conference Themes:

  1. Lifespan and Social Work in an Era of Innovation
  2. Social Work Education for Sceneries of Exception (Crises, Disasters and Unexpected Events)
  3. Post-Traumatic Approaches in Social Work
  4. Innovative Social Work Teaching Practices Involving Service Users
  5. Innovative Skills for Social Work Practice with Distressed Groups: Migrants, Refugees, War and Conflict Victims and Health Crises Victims
  6. Social Work Ethics in Times of Uncertainty: Balancing Innovation and Tradition


The call for papers is open HERE to all academics, students, researchers, professionals and users interested in social work-related topics, and specifically social work education issues.

Deadline for abstract submission is 15 November 2020.