TLU Professor Initiated the Global Digital Human Rights Network

On the proposal of Mart Susi, Professor of Human Rights at Tallinn University, an association of researchers will be established for the first time, which will help to make sense of digital human rights and develop practical solutions.

Mart Susi

In March 2020, the European Cooperation In Science & Technology approved Tallinn University's Professor of Human Rights Mart Susi's proposal, to establish the Global Digital Human Rights Network.

The network will start working together at the end of this year and will involve researchers and practitioners from all around the globe. The network will be funded by the European Commission for four years.

There is currently no similar network of researchers in the world, so the strategic goal of the new initiative is to become a partner for both – the governments and online businesses to help shape better understandings of digital human rights and developing practical solutions. Both, research and development are planned in the activities of the network.

From a scientific point of view, for example, there is yet an unanswered question about the possible change in the meaning of human rights in the digital environment. And from a practical point of view, one of the most critivcl issues is digital portal's ability to balance potential human rights conflicts in a transparent and reasonable manner.

According to Professor Mart Susi, as the head of the network, the formation of the network on the basis of the proposal based on Estonia is another recognition for the scientific level of Estonian human rights research.

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