• What is Tallinn University’s Erasmus code?


  • Do I need the results of a TOEFL, IELTS, etc. test when applying to Erasmus programme?

No, passing the foreign language course at TU, having current studies in English, and all documents which prove that student's language skills correspond to the host university's language requirements are suffcient.

  • Can I apply to a university that does not have a partnership agreement with Tallinn University?

No, you can not.

  • How do I know if the parnetrship agreement is for one or two semesters?

Please have a look at the Partnersmap application. For example, if it says there that they accept two students from us, and the number of months is 10, it means that according to the contract, two students can go to the foreign university, both for 5 months.  

  • How do I know which study level the contract is for?

Please have a look at the Partnersmap application. When you open the university’s information box, you can see which study levels are included in the contract.

  • Will the foreign university’s Erasmus coordinator help me find accommodation or do I have to find it myself?

Most of the time, the foreign university organizes accommodation in a dorm or gives contacts for students to be able to find accommodation themselves.

  • Can I take classes from other fields of studies and other study levels in the foreign university?

This depends on the foreign university. Ask them, if it is possible.

  • In countries where the basic level of the national language is not required, are the classes in English?

Some classes are in English, not all might be.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

All Erasmus+ programme students have to have a compulsory accident and liability insurance. You should also have an European Health Insurance Card (in countries where it is valid). It is also advisable to have a medical insurance from an insurance company

  • Do I have to send and application to the foreign university while I am applying to the Erasmus programme?

No, you do not.  At first, you apply to Tallinn University’s Erasmus programme. After being accepted by the TU senior specialist for International Studies, the foreign university will send you an e-mail with a list of necessary documents you need to send.  If the foreign university has not sent you an e-mail, you should check their website since in many universities, this information can be found on the web.

  • What is Tallinn University’s Erasmus Charter number?


  • Does the Erasmus programme buy me the ticket to the foreign university?

No, students have to buy their tickets themselves.