New MA programme about innovation

BFM has opened a new programme Screen Media and Innovation that has a mission to prepare innovators - people capable of coming up with new solutions to problems media sectors face.

Naine arvutiga

At the centre of the “Screen media and innovation” program lies innovation. Our pedagogy is based on the logic of project/problem based learning developed at the Harvard Teaching and Learning Lab, Stanford and Aalborg University. The project/problem based learning process is based on a practical or theoretical screen media problem, which teams of students operationalize and solve during a set period of time, following pregiven steps and using design thinking.

Every cohort of “Screen Media and Innovation” students works on solving particular screen media problems, which they derive - in teams - from the specific screen media related challenge that the teaching staff sets. An example of a challenge could be the dire situation of local broadcasting and journalism industries because of the convergence of attention and capital  into the hands of social media corporations. One team could problematize this challenge by focusing on the analysis and development of how platforms and media industries are regulated, while another team could focus on prototyping an innovative transmedia solution for a local public broadcaster. 

We await students who have previously studied or worked in the fields of media, technology, culture or social studies, possess independent and analytical minds and are driven by a desire to innovate. 

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