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Courses in Intercultural Communication, PR and Marketing Helped me Develop the Skills I Needed!

This year the Master’s Programme in Communication Management is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, we are conducting a series of interviews with our alumni to highlight their achievements and share their experiences.

Maryna Puzyrova

After graduation, I started a freelancing career and returned to my homeland, Ukraine. Due to all the acquired academic knowledge and personal traits I developed while studying the Communication Management programme, I reached the highest job success score and had a chance to work with many clients from various backgrounds. I moved back to Tallinn after the war in Ukraine began. Currently, I am learning the Estonian language and working on my project idea in communication. In addition, I am advancing my professional skills tightly connected to the Communication Management field and looking for a job where I can serve the best.

It was my first time studying in an intercultural environment, and I greatly benefited from the Communication Management study programme. It helped me to discover my unique qualities and develop essential personality traits. In particular, I enjoyed the role of a project manager in an interdisciplinary project and working on other great projects as a part of my traineeship, internship, and Master's thesis. I discovered such positive qualities as leadership, problem-solving, and creative thinking. All these qualities helped me in my career. 

Communication Management programme also gave me the valuable knowledge needed in my career. Intercultural communication, PR, and Marketing courses helped me develop the skills needed for my previous positions. The learning approach and the flexible curriculum worked great for me and allowed me to learn new perspectives on communication.

I moved back to Tallinn because I enjoyed living there, and it has already become my second home. I like this place for allowing people to live at their own pace, focusing on one's unique qualities and one's potential. Additionally, I like an unhurried sense of time, which is the greatest wealth in life for me. Clean air, e-government, beautiful nature, and the consciousness of citizens are essential to a thriving environment and it is what you want to be a part of. I am also very grateful for all the support to Ukraine from Estonia. It is a great country to study and live.