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Muhammad Waseem Khan: My First 120 Days at Tallinn University

The past few months at Tallinn University have been truly transformative, filled with cultural discoveries, academic adventures, and unexpected friendships. I believe that sharing my journey could provide valuable insights for both current and prospective students.

Muhammad Waseem Khan

I never thought I would leave my home in Pakistan for studies, but life had other plans. It led me to Tallinn, for me, the most beautiful city in Europe. Picture-perfect streets and a medieval charm greeted me like an old friend. In my first 120 days at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, everything felt like a thrilling adventure. The city was different — the air was fresher, the buildings were like something out of a dream, and the people were friendly (opposite of what I had heard about them). It was a blend of cultures, and I was about to dive into this colorful world.

The classrooms were not just places for lectures; the professors were amazing. What surprised me the most was that I could talk to them without any problems — it was like having easy conversations with friends. My classmates hailed from various places — Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Estonia, among others. Every interaction provided an opportunity to learn about different cultures and broaden my horizons.

The highlight of my first semester was a telecollaboration with students from the University of Louisiana Monroe (USA). This was a significant experience for me, coming from Pakistan. We were part of a global exchange of ideas, and it made the world feel smaller and more connected. The telecollaboration course on the 'Basics of Intercultural Communication' was well-thought-out. As students, we had the freedom to decide when to have our sessions. Organizing Zoom meetings and engaging in discussions that crossed time zones felt like a dance of minds, making learning truly exciting.

I enjoyed studying Communication Management in this first semester. Even the long four-hour classes were interesting, filled with activities and discussions that made time fly by. It made me reflect on my days in Pakistan, where sitting through a 90-minute class felt tough compared to the lively classes here.

In addition, the Estonian weather played a role in my story. Snowfall transformed the city into a winter wonderland, and I had the joy of building snowmen with classmates from warmer climates who were experiencing snow for the first time. A simple yet magical bonding experience added a touch of wonder to my international journey.

In my first 120 days, Tallinn University became more than an educational establishment – it became my place for academic exploration, bringing new friends, discoveries, and a sense of belonging to an intercultural community. I look forward to my spring semester!

Written by Muhammad Waseem Khan, Master’s Student in Communication Management