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Crossmedia project Inksight - the gateway into the tattoo world of Estonia


Let me introduce you to INKSIGHT - a project that was launched in the frames of the Crossmedia curriculum in 2023. 

INKSIGHT is a 4-person team of tattoo havers and enjoyers, who noticed first-hand that finding the right style and artist for your first/next tattoo may be as painful as getting one - and decided to change that.


Robin Vuorinen, Emilia Garzón Bravo, Sofiia Segal Shor and Ding Kang Tan

To understand it better, let me briefly explain what Crossmedia is. It is a mix of storytelling, audiovisual media creation, marketing, entrepreneurship, creative thinking, media economy, and more. The Crossmedia program at Tallinn University is a perfect place for creative people who want to gain skills and knowledge, an open door into the media sphere in its various shapes.

Crossmedia is a program which allows you to step into the “big shoes” even before you graduate, and INKSIGHT is a prime example of that.

We developed this project across 3 installments - an Instagram database, a documentary series and a big-scale event. 

Our Instagram showcases the variety of tattoo styles and artists all across Estonia, making it easy for people to get inspired, find their next artist and reach out to them.

The documentary "The ABC's of Tattoos" takes the viewers on a journey across different tattoo studios around the country, and breaks multiple stereotypes regarding tattoos, helps get rid of fears and shows that tattoo artists are not at all that scary! 

Last but not least, the event - “Baby’s First Tattoo” - was held in Sepikoja Gallery, where we built a bridge between the tattoo artists and the people interested in tattoos. We had multiple stations, including a tattoo gallery, try-on-your tattoo stand and tattoos on-location, making it immersive and interesting for different audiences. 


Our project has convinced many to take the leap towards their very first tattoo and has become a safe space to get information and become prepared to step into the “intimidating” tattoo world.

INKSIGHT has become a well-known name in the Estonian tattoo community and is a success thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication to make a difference in something that we all care about, and also the guidance and possibilities provided by the Crossmedia program. 

It continues to run due to the demand from the tattoo community and our audience, and of course - our own aspirations to make it even better and bigger in the future.

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo in Estonia and don’t know where to start? INKSIGHT is the place for you!