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Crossmedia - study programme where you don’t have to wait until graduation to take on the world!

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Crossmedia is not your average study programme. As its name suggests, it is a mixture of a wider range of topics, including creative thinking, writing, storytelling, audiovisual content production, marketing, media economy, entrepreneurship, and more. While these fields may seem diverse, they work in perfect harmony to develop and produce projects, which is a key element of the crossmedia study program here in Tallinn University.

Every semester, crossmedia students come up with a variety of projects to demonstrate our learning and make a difference in the world. One such project is, a student-led crossmedia initiative focused on the unfortunate issue of drink spiking in Estonia. This issue deserves more media attention and public conversation, given the lack of knowledge, awareness, statistics, and safety measures, and the abundance of drugging victims.

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To make the most significant impact possible, we developed a multi-platform solution. At its core, we created a website from scratch that serves as a comprehensive resource on the topic, including safety measures, emergency contacts, symptoms, and more. We spread the word about through stickers and QR codes placed in nightclubs, bars, and throughout the cityscape of Tallinn. To reach the right people, we built a presence on social media to provide people with first-hand knowledge. Additionally, we created a short film titled "About Last Night" to demonstrate a possible drink spiking incident. Our outreach work wasn't only limited to the digital realm. We also conducted several lectures on the issue in local middle and high schools to raise awareness among youth.

Our project, which started as a way to test our learning outcomes in a crossmedia class, turned out to be much bigger than we expected. Our hard work and passion paid off, and to our pleasant surprise, the project was featured in several prominent newspapers and TV programs. But that was just the beginning. Today, we continue to educate youth about drink spiking and aim to spark even more conversations. If this project taught us anything then it’s that students do not have to wait until graduation to take on the world. The power of teamwork, hard work, and passion are the key components to take us anywhere, anytime.