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Tallinn Art Week at BFM: Creative Work

We'll be screening student films as part of Tallinn Art Week at SuperNova cinema at BFM on June 13th-15th. An hour before each screening at 5 PM there'll be the opportunity to see creative works by graduating students and also meet the authors.

Tallinn Art Week at BFM
Tallinn Art Week at BFM

Television Studio: Photo installation “Inner Cosmos”

Author: Maarit Mürk
Supervisor: Eve Kiiler
The photo installation consists of different collages and a soundscape. The collages present plants captured along different journeys that have been projected on top of each other as colorful shadows. It is an engaging visual and energetic experience for the viewer.

BFM gallery: Photo series “Layers”

Author: Kalli Pilov
Supervisor: Orest Kormashov
What role do we play in creating our own identities as people that can be affected, asks the author. The photo series depicts symbolic hands, which appear to be modelling a person. At the same time, these are the author's hands, which makes you think that maybe it is the person him- or herself that models themselves to fit the surrounding environment.

BFM gallery: Photo series: “Traces In the Fabric of Time”

Author: Tuuli Tohver
Supervisor: Eve Kiiler
The series symbolizes angst that is created by time passing... If we can leave a noticeable trace in the fabric of time, maybe we'll be remembered longer...

TU museum's back room: Exhibition “Collector's Book”

Author: Berit-Bärbel Rebane
Supervisor: Margot Kask
The author has investigated accumulated layers and lost things from the back of the closet. The artist wished to utilize the shell that she as a Phryganea has gathered around her.
Berit-Bärbel Rebane says poetically: "I listened for the silent whispers of the crumbles saying that they are not trash, that they still have something! Now it's time to show others what it is!