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Tallinn Art Week at BFM: Student Films

We'll be screening student films on June 13th-15th as part of Tallinn Art Week at SuperNova cinema at BFM. The selection was made considering TAW's manifest and the themes of films.

BFM's building
Student Films at Tallinn Art Week

Wed 13.06 @ 18:00

The themes for the first film screening are "god", "humanity", "superman" and "health". Where are humans headed? What do we believe in? The films show how to hope instead of believing, how it's hard to hide from oneself or to face reality. Estonian literary classics and Bible stories are retold in some rather absurd ways.

Films to be screened:
"Suurde avarusse" rež Kaur Kokk, 2009 (
"12 küsimust: Millesse eestlased usuvad?" rež Indrek Kaine, 2014 (
"Deus ex Machina" rež Eik Tammemäe, 2010 (
"Üle müüri" rež Eret Kuusk, 2016 (
"Pjotr, 68" rež Ivan Pavjutskov, 2009 (
"Ninja" rež Jaan Tätte jr, 2010 (
"Legend vägevast seebist" rež Andrew Bond, 2011 (

Thu 14.06 @ 18:00 

The second evening will be about the interconnection of humanity with machines. Two of the films are made with the whole course group. The lines between reality and virtuality are blurred, robots, criticism towards our e-governance and memory come into play. One could also ask: how to build up one's identity and what does it mean to be human in the world of vast technical growth.

Films to be screened:
"12 küsimust: Ülemiste Vanake" rež Jürgen Moor, 2014 (
"12 küsimust: Error" rež Joosep Ehasalu, 2014 (
"12 küsimust: Oleme pilves" rež Andri Allas, 2014 (
"Formaat" rež Tarvi Roos, 2017 (
"2084: Mälukrambid" rež erinevad, 2013 (

Fri 15.06 @ 18:00 

The third screening is powered by women: Moonika Siimets, Anna Hints and Triin Ruumet have as of late touched people with their films, here you can see their school work. On the one hand the themes range from realizing yourself and development in a foreign context to idealism growing into realism. On the other hand there are soft notes from childhood and dreams of falling in love. How to be happy?

Films to be screened:
"Kevad a'la carte" rež Doris Tääker, 2013 (
"Diana ja linn" rež Triin Ruumet, 2013 (
"Unistaja" rež Baiba Jakubaita, 2013 (
"Puhata ja mängida" rež Heleri Saarik, 2007 (
"Õnne manifest" rež Anna Hints, 2014 (
"Viimane Romeo" rež Moonika Siimets, 2013 (