LVF Students Involved in the Black Nights Film Festival

The MA programme of Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies (LVF) initiated a collaboration with the Black Nights Film Festival to offer its students new opportunities for field-related practice. The students participated in the composition of the programme of the film festival.


Over several months the LVF team lead by the researcher Dr Teet Teinemaa (BFM) watched hundreds of films submitted to the festival, made their selection and allocated the films to different programmes of the festival. The collaboration seeks to repeat the success of the world leading films festival such as Cannes in involving film students in the organisation of the festival.

For the students it is an excellent opportunity to experience the organisation of a high-level film festival and the world of professional film distribution. An intense engagement with a large number of films offers the students an overview of the contemporary world cinema. The practice at A-level film festival potentially opens up opportunities for their career in the international culture industry.

Read Juliana De Carvalho's blog post about her experience at PÖFF here.

The collaboration with PÖFF is part of LVF's new arrangement for field-related practice. Since 2018 LVF collaborates with leading cultural festivals in Tallinn. Last spring LVF students were involved in the organisation of the literary festival HeadRead. Last October they contributed to the art biennale Artishok. One students has an opportunity to work at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Estonia.

The field-related practice is coordinated by Dr. Eneken Laanes (School of Humanities), Prof. Andres Kurg (Estonian Academy of Arts) and Dr. Teet Teinemaa (BFM).