Doctoral students who are matriculated before the academic year 2022/2023 shall be entitled to receive a Doctoral allowance starting from September for twelve calendar months or, if the nominal period of studies according to the study programme ends in the middle of the calendar year, for the respective number of months. Doctoral students shall be entitled to receive a Doctoral allowance during Doctoral studies for up to forty-eight calendar months.

Doctoral students matriculated to the university shall be entitled to apply for a Doctoral allowance provided they: 

  • are matriculated before the academic year 2022/2023
  • are citizens of Estonia or residing in Estonia on the basis of a long-term or temporary residence permit or permanent or temporary right of residence;
  • are full-time or part-time Doctoral students in case they are not required to reimburse study costs;
  • have not exceeded the nominal period of studies;
  • have passed progress review pursuant to the requirements and procedure established by the university Senate or are first-year Doctoral students.

Application for a Doctoral allowance shall be submitted by the Doctoral student in the Study Information System no later than 15 September. The size of Doctoral allowance paid to a student each study month shall be established annually by the state budget. The amount of the allowance for this year is 660€. Part-time Doctoral students shall receive a Doctoral allowance which equals to 50% of the amount of the Doctoral allowance established by the state budget.

Requirements and Procedure for the Application, Granting and Payment of Study Allowances