Dora Plus activity 2.2: Support for visiting doctoral students

The scholarship is intended to support a study mobility of visiting doctoral students to Tallinn University for studies and research for the period of 30 days up to 10 months. The Dora Plus programme is implemented by the Education and Youth Authority (former Archimedes Foundation). 

Tallinn University's procedure for applying for activity 2.2

Dora Plus programme guidelines for activity 2.2

The scholarship may be applied by a person who:

  • at the time of the scholarship award is a doctoral student in an educational establishment recognised by their country of residence;
  • is not a resident of the Republic of Estonia;
  • is not a student in an Estonian institution of higher education at the time when the application is submitted;
  • has in the past three years not stayed in Estonia for more than one year in total, except in cases where during that period the person studied and completed a Master’s studies in an Estonian institution of higher education.

Scholarship amount:

The visiting doctoral student is paid a living allowance and a study mobility grant.

The living allowance is paid to the visiting doctoral student during the period in which they stay in Estonia. The amount of the living allowance is 660 euros per each full month.

The study mobility grant is paid to the visiting doctoral student to help with covering their travelling costs between their home university and Tallinn University. The amount of the study mobility grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and destination and shall be calculated pursuant to Archimedes Foundation guidelines and fixed unit prices that can be found on Archimedes Foundation web page. No study mobility grant will be awarded for travelling only one way. The study mobility grant shall cover all travel-related costs, including local transport.

Simultaneous supporting of accommodation, living and travelling costs from other projects or programmes of the European Union Structural Funds is not allowed.

How to apply:

The visiting doctoral student in cooperation with the local supervisor has to submit the following documents to the Tallinn University's Dora Plus programme coordinator:

  • scholarship application signed by the visiting doctoral student;
  • individual work plan signed by the Tallinn University supervisor specifying the objective (up to two pages in total) for the period of staying in Estonia;
  • letter of confirmation signed by the Tallinn University supervisor with a written consent to supervise the visiting doctoral student;
  • a signed statement certifying that the scholarship applicant is a PhD student at a recognized university abroad;
  • copy of the ID card/passport.

The local supervisor of the visiting doctoral student in Tallinn University can be a lecturer or researcher who has previous experience in supervising doctoral students or is an internationally recognized creative person (in the field of arts).

Next deadline for submitting applications is December 5, 2020. 

At the time the application is submitted, at least 30 days must remain until the onset of the study mobility. The scholarship may be applied and awarded for several times but not more than for the maximum period of 10 months.

Final report:

The visiting doctoral student must submit a final report before the end of their study mobility to Tallinn University Dora Plus programme coordinator. The study mobility grant is paid to the visiting doctoral student upon the submission of the final report.


Dora Plus programme is funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Estonia. The scholarship holder is obliged to inform the public about receiving support from European Regional Development Fund in relevant presentations, articles and documents by mentioning the fact orally or using the logo of structural aid, which can be found on the following web address:

Additional information:

Joanna Liiv
TU Dora Plus coordinator
Telephone: 6 409 140