The game named Methodyca helps students to learn research methods and create research plan

The collaboration of the digital learning games team finishes building a game at the beginning of the new year, that helps to learn research methods.

game Methodyca

Martin Sillaots, Associate Professor of Serious Games, has taught the subject of methods himself and has come to the conclusion that a lecture-type approach is not suitable for students nor lecturers. According to him, students understand that research methods are necessary, but the need to make choices occurs when it is already time to start writing a dissertation. "At this stage, however, is too late to start learning about the methods again," the Associate Professor said. Because of the experience, he believes that the topic of research methods is important to all students. "This also raised the question of how to make research methods more attractive and how the game would help increase students' interest and motivation," Sillaots said.
The goal in the game is to find the lost instructor. During the search, the player has to face different investigators and different research methods. The task is to help these researchers during the game and thus the player learns about different methods.
Martin Sillaots points out that the game can be played in two ways. "Going into the long version of the game is a time-consuming activity that is suitable for those who really want to go deep into this world," Sillaots explained. Another option is to play mini-games where the player can focus on one narrow aspect. He suggests choosing the short version for a lesson or learning a certain method in the lecture. This way the game is available to players of different levels.


Methodyca is especially suitable for students interested in technology and students of the School of Digital Technologies, as it includes more methods used in real and technological fields. However, by playing mini-games, it could speak to students in any field who would like to learn research methods through the game.
The project’s team members are Associate Professor of Serious Games and Project Manager Martin Sillaots, Lecturer of Serious Games and Conceptual  Designer Mikhail Fiadotau, Narrative Designer Peadar Callaghan, Game Designers David Upshall and Kaisa Norak, Sound Designer Oluwafiyikewa Alawode, Web Designer Ralph Söthe-Garnier, Artists Anni Hõ, Elena Gorshkova and Iryna Selina, Developers Ahmed ElShenawy, Roman Gorislavski and Sinan Emiroğlu. The Game is funded by IT Academy (English brand name and is available on

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