Student has to

  • be enrolled in Tallinn University study programme during the time of applying and traineeship;
  • have sufficient knowledge of the language spoken in the host organisation (at least B1) 
  • find a traineeship organization

Erasmus+ traineeship has to

  • last between 2-12 months; 
  • be made within the compulsory traineeship/or international transeeship subject, or be made within any other subject that could be considered as a traineeship, additionally the student's academic unit shall agree with that.
    In sum: Full recognition must be given by the home university for the traineeship made abroad as agreed in the Learning Agreement for Traineeship, and it must be counted as integral part of student's TU Study Programme;
  • The traineeship can be carried out also in summer

Related to studies at TU (for all students on English language programmes)

  • Students who pay tuition fee and were matriculated before 2018/19 academic year, do not have to pay tuition fee to TU during the period of Exchange studies abroad in case where during the semester of studies abroad the student does not register for any courses of Tallinn University and/or for the defence of the final thesis and/or final examination.
  • All tuition fee paying students have to carefully follow themselves that they would maintain their full-time student's status at TU (e.g they have already earned enough ECTS before the traineeship). The latter is necessary for avoiding the situation where the student does not manage to fulfill TU Study Programme during the nominal study-period (BA - 3 years; MA -2 years). If student's study-period surpasses the nominal duration, the student has to pay the tuition fee to TU for each following semester. 

Related to studies at TU (for non-EU/EEA students on English language programmes)

  • NB! Non-EU/EEA students studying at TU with the "Estonian temporary residence permit for studying"
    Non-EU/EEA students have to carefully follow that they would always maintain full-time student's status at TU. Maintaining and proving full-time student's status at TU is a must in order to have the right for Estonian residence permit. Consequently, it is important to also plan the traineeship abroad so that you are able to maintain the full-time student's status at TU. If you are going abroad do to Erasmus+ traineeship, and know well in advance that during this period your Estonian residence permit expires, please turn in timely manner to TU International Admission Specialists.
  • If the trainseeship gives at least 15 ECTS and lasts at least 3 months, the student will be granted official extension of the nominal study-period at TU by the this semester he/she was abroad as Erasmus+ trainee (however the student needs to pay the tuition fee to TU for such semester as explained above). Being granted the official extension of nominal study-period (at full-time study-load) can become necessary for the non-EU/EEA students when they need to prove their eligibility for Estonian residence permit for which prerequisites are full-time studies and nominal study-period.

Related to Erasmus+ scholarship

  • If student's compulsory traineeship subject gives less than 15 ECTS, yet the planned traineeship lasts longer than 3 months, then the scholarship shall be provided only for 3 months.
  • NB! In case the student/recent graduate fails to submit the reporting documentation, submitted at end of the traineeship, proving his/her stay at the traineeship organisation, or in case of this documentation is incorrectly completed, Tallinn University has the right to request from the student/recent graduate the full refunding of the Erasmus+ scholarship. The exception to this rule applies only in cases where student/recent graduate has had a convincing reason for not complying, and thus presents a written application (accompanied by relevant supporting documents) to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs the latest by the end of the intermediate week of the semester which follows the semester of the traineeship abroad. The decision about the validity and soundness of the application, as well as diminishing or revoking the required scholarship refunding, will be made by the named Vice-Rector the latest within 10 calendar days after receiving the application.