Bog, Arne Ader

The module of Estonian Studies focuses on various aspects of Estonian culture, allowing you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Estonia as well as its connection to the wider world. 

The subjects of the module are:

The subjects provide an overview of the most important issues and phenomena pertaining to Estonian culture, approaching the issues both from the point of view of historical development and the relationship with the culture of today.

The focus is on the history of Estonia, nature and society, as well as contemporary Estonian theatre, film and popular culture. Estonian literature receives a particular in-depth approach. During the course, you read representative Estonian literary works that have been translated into English. In addition to the compulsory module subjects, students can take as free electives other subjects pertaining to Estonian culture and history, according to their individual interests and objectives. 

For the students who have not previously studied in Estonian as the language of instruction, it is compulsory to pass the courses of Estonian A1 and A2. It is possible to improve the level of Estonian even further in the form of free electives.

The student who has passed the module has excellent pre-requisites to continue at Tallinn University MA programme of Estonian Studies.

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