The module of Literary and Cultural Studies of English-Speaking Countries focuses on in-depth studies of society, history, literature and culture of Anglophone countries – Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as Caribbean and African Anglophone cultures. 

The main subjects of the module are:

The subjects give an overview of the main historical, social and political processes pertaining to Anglophone cultures, focusing on important topical issues and concerns of the present-day world; literary subjects outline various literary schools, genres, styles, and writers, providing a comprehensive study of key texts, according to the interests of the students. Timely subjects, such as feminist and gender studies, postcolonial, ethnic and diaspora culture, as well as ecocriticism, are given due attention.

In addition to compulsory module subjects, you can take subjects pertaining to English studies as free electives, according to your individual interests. 

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