Partnership and cooperation

FEWL project seminar at Paderborn University

From June 12–15, a seminar for Early Stage Researchers and a meeting for the lead group of the project "Enhancing Research on the Integration of Formal Educational Programmes and Workplace Learning" (with the acronym FEWL) currently took place at the Paderborn University in Germany. Ph.D. students from three countries, Germany, Finland, and Estonia, participated in the seminar.

Projekti FEWL meeskond

On the first day, Ph.D. students introduced their research topics, mapped common research interests, and overlapped with the FEWL project.

On the second day, there was a workshop about academic publishing and new research methods, such as eye movement tracking and historical analysis.

The last day was dedicated to a workshop on academic writing. The feedback of Ph.D. students to the event was very positive.

Simultaneously, the lead group of the FEWL project discussed the deliverables of the project that are due in June 2023, such as the communication and dissemination plan and data management plan. Additionally, plans for further research cooperation were discussed. All participants took part in the joint dinner in the restaurant Bobberts. There was also some time left for exploring the Old Town of Paderborn. We want to express our gratitude to the Paderborn University team for the excellent organization of the seminar!

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